Self Care Sunday – Hibernating

Wild Black Bear Yellowstone
This Self Care Sunday finds me a bit frustrated with my physical body. I’ve had this Sinus and Ear infection/congestion going on for two weeks. Today is my 6th day of antibiotic and probiotics. While it is not as painful and is finally breaking up, it is happening quite slowly. If it’s not gone by Tuesday, I have to go into the ENT’s office. Maybe he will be able to drain the ears. I am hoping I don’t end up on steroids.

Here’s where I am struggling. I felt like I was getting better on Friday and then felt worse yesterday. I am not sure what happened. I am feeling like I failed myself because my body is taking slow long to heal. I keep thinking over what did I do wrong that it got this bad. Why is my body struggling to fight this?

In a conversation with a “spiritual mentor/teacher” earlier this week, she suggested that I get sick so much because I carry/take on the energetic burdens of people I love by because I am a highly sensitive Empath with strong intuitive abilities. I can take on emotions, feelings and symptoms of others.  I feel for people. For example, I get sick so my Mom doesn’t. I energetic take it on to protect her.

My mentor explained I unconsciously take on these burdens because I am stronger spiritually than most people; my empathetic abilities allow me to tune into people and lift their burdens. This is why my former work environment was spiritually so bad for me. My current work environment is better or me. It’s quiet, removed, bigger and calmer. Also, when I am close to someone, they can feel energetically strong when I am around because I give them strength. This is a great gift. However, you have to learn how to manage it. The problem is I am not managing it correctly and it’s breaking down my body, especially my heart which is already weak from a congenital issue. I need to learn how to disconnect empathetically from people and allow them to carry their own burdens; whatever that means. This concept makes total sense to me but it’s heavy stuff. I appreciated her insight because I couldn’t see this myself. I am reading a bit on how to survive as an Empath and Intuitive. Obviously, I haven’t figured it out yet but I am starting with Heart Chakra mantra and balancing work.

This comes back to me thinking I can control everything. It’s my body, I’ve been taking care of myself. I should be able to control this a little, right? Well, I thought I could. It wasn’t until yesterday that I decided to completely surrender for the whole weekend. I am just staying home snuggled up under a blanket with a antibiotics, probiotics, Mucinex, Flonase, water and a tissue box. I am bit a bored but I am coughing and hacking stuff up. No one would want to be around me anyway. I have no business going anywhere today.

Yesterday I watched the new series “Yellowstone” with Kevin Costner. I love it. It’s based in Montana and depicts life there and tensions between White and Native Americans. Since I definitely want to travel out west and especially visit Montana, I like it. Since Kevin Costner is still HOT, I rewatch “Dancing with Wolves” last night.

I definitely feel a spirit bond/connection to Native American history and traditions. The way the White man took form them and killed them makes me sad and a bit nauseous when I think about it. I am going to back to DC overnight next week. If I have time, I would like to go back to the American Indian Museum again. I didn’t have time to finish the whole museum the last time I was there. I also got a bit emotional reading about the Cherokee Removal in the Trail of Tears exhibit. I couldn’t read anymore and left. While watching “Yellowstone” on OnDemand, I stumbled across “Yellowstone Live” on NatGeo Channel. Really an amazing series highlighting wildlife and geology of the park. There are four episodes. You can stream all four online. I’ve enjoyed that as well. I definitely want to go there when I travel out west. My observation is that people are stupid putting their lives in danger to get their social media photos; not to mention how they show a total lack of respect for wildlife by intruding into their habitat. Wildlife photographers remaining save a far distance is different than human having a total disregard for the well being of the animals and theirselves. Let’s face it. If some idiot put himself near a black bear and got attacked, the bear would be put down; not the stupid human.

Well, I am hibernating this Self Care Sunday. I am surrendering and giving my body space to heal. I am also reading on how to survive and take care of myself as an Empath. I really need to learn this like my life depends upon it – because it does…I am still planning to go to work tomorrow. For now, I am under a blanket with books, tissues and stuff to entertain me.

I hope you are taking care of yourself today.

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Heart Light – Blue Love Poetry

Blue Love Art

Heart Light – Blue Love Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

I blushed in
Your presence
And became very aware
Of the sensations
That took over
My body
When you
Were near me
My heart raced
My palms would sweat
My breath quickened
My words
Got stuck in my throat
As I tried
To stop myself
From proclaiming
My lust
For you
I tried to
Stop myself from
Reaching out
To touch you
To feel you
To kiss you
To fuck you
The more
I was around you
The more
My spiritual energies
Aligned with yours
That’s when
I started to understand
You and I
Were more
Than just a casual flirtation
As I started
To grow spiritually
I started
To understand
The true nature
Of our connection
And I knew it was so much
Deeper than
Just the physical realm
Our physical attraction
To each other
Is an outward expression
Of the mental and spiritual
Energies that connects our
Hearts to each other
Our connection
Is deeper and
It’s more meaningful
Than your hands
Touching my breast
It’s more powerful
Than you lips
Licking my fire
It’s stronger
Than any force
Attempting to pull
Us apart
I stand
Here today
Stronger, wiser and
A better version
Of myself
Than the day
Our eyes first connected
I stand
Here today
Filled with more love
Than I can express for you
I stand
Here today
No longer doubtful
Of your role
In my life
I know now
You are a soul mate
You are a kindred spirit
In that knowledge
I love you
Because you deserve
To be loved without limits
You deserve to be loved
Without demands
You deserve to be loved
Without expectations
My heart feels
The restlessness
In your energies
I encourage you to
Explore your own heart
Excavate your own soul
Unearth your deepest desires
Until you find
Peace within you
But know this
Where ever you go
What ever you do
Whomever you are with
I am here for you
I will keep a light on
In my soul
It will flicker
In my heart for you
Follow it back to us
Follow the light
To your soul’s mate
(C) 2018 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved – Highest Good Holistic Health Coaching, LLC

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NOTE When you authentically love someone, that love has no conditions. I guess that is what I was thinking about today and it is expressed in the above poem. Interesting that Facebook keeps suggesting we be friends. I would rather protect our connection and friendship by keeping it off of social media…I know we are friends. He knows we are friends. The rest of the world knowing we are friends just means they will be in our business. He’s too important to me to allow that to happen💙🦋

Well, something very exciting is starting to shape up at work. It’s looking like I am winning support and securing funding to do a Grand Research Challenge. I’ve been working all week to win folks over 🙂 I’ve also been working in parntership with National Institute for Aerospace(NIA)to formalize plans. I think I already secured 1/3 of the funding needed. My Sponsor loves this idea and is looking forward to seeing if I could pull it together in our short window. Thanks to NIA; it’s possible. I will be working to secure more support and funding next week with final presentation to my Sponsor on the 20th.

This Challenge will be a big deal🙌 If it is successful, it will become an annual event and could lead to a permanent place for me on the team. It could be the biggest success of my career to date or my most visible high profile failure 😂 It’s a risk worth taking and I am willing to work my ass off to make it a success 🦋 Honestly, it will be great growth experience for me to be the project lead for our team on this. I hope to share an announcement in September, officially launch in October and host/moderate Competition in May 2019. If this happens, it will be the most exciting thing I’ve ever done in my entire career. lol 😊I told my boss I wasn’t getting attached to the outcome and I wasn’t letting myself get excited until next week. He laughed at me😂 He told me that my energy around the event and passion for what I am trying to accomplish speaks for itself😂I guess he was saying I am already attached and excited about it 😂😂

Day four of the antibotic and probiotics. My ears are finally opening up. My left ear opened yesterday. My right ear is only partially clogged. I took a half day from work to come home and decompress for the afternoon. I am very tired after this week.

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Life Coach Jargon


In the last year, I’ve been exposed to many coaching techniques. A lot of Life Coaches these days talk about positivity, staying in alignment, flowing with the Universal energies and offering no resistance. But what does this lofty jargon mean? What are the real world applications? What does it mean to flow?

Let me first say, you do not need to be positive all of the time. Forcing yourself to be positive is not authentic. It’s more important for you to acknowledge your true feelings. Be miserable and feel sorry for yourself for a day, if you need to. Then, work to release it, accept it and move on. Authenticity is more important than positivity. Putting a happy face on a problem won’t make it go away. Living in truth will at least help you adapt to a new reality and make you emotionally stronger.

What does it mean to stay in alignment? All this really means is to become so in tune with yourself that you can intuitively feel when you are doing something that is NOT beneficial to your long term growth and well-being. When you know are you doing something that makes you unhappy, that breaks you down and wears you out, you are no longer aligned with your highest good. Alignment means you are lined up with the path for your highest good. A word of caution – the path to your highest good can go through the valley of hell. You can be frustrated and struggling even while in alignment. It really depends on what life lessons you are supposed to learn. Remember to check in with yourself and be sure you are suffering for the right reasons. If you are suffering because you are growing, changing and living outside of your comfort zone, you are still in alignment with your highest good. It’s really that simple.

Flowing with the Universe and offering no resistance is tricky. It means accepting you have no control over some things. It requires us to let go when something is no longer working out for our highest good. It requires surrendering instead of struggling and pushing. It’s hard because life sucks sometimes. There are times when we all want to kick and scream like a toddler having a tantrum. No one enjoys change. No one wants to accept rejection. No one wants to move on. No one wants to let go when the heart wants to hold on. If you can work towards using these sucky times of life as opportunities to grow, learn something about yourself, adapt and become stronger, you will be flowing with Universe instead of digging your heels in the sand resisting.

So, you wonder if I actually practice all of this New Age mumbo jumbo. I try. That’s about all I can say about it. Sometimes days I flow like I am riding a magic carpet; other days I fall flat in the sand because my heels are stuck in resistance. But I try😊

On the work front, I’ve been actively going on the offensive to reshape the expectations of leadership so they understand what is achievable within my scope. Second, I’ve been speaking truth to power; it isn’t easy. I have to speak more truth to power tomorrow morning at 8:30am…😂 Although this job has been a great growth experience, I am not yet sure about staying long term. One deciding factor will be if they decide to support a Grand Research Challenge. I would love to work on a project like that! Otherwise, I am keeping ALL of my options open.

Unfortunatley, I am still sick. I took Mucinex, Flonase and Decongestants for a week. My sinuses and ears are still jacked up. Since it’s been over seven days, my Doctor gave me an antibotic. Hopefully, it kicks in soon. I have to call on Friday if my ears don’t open up. I don’t feel horrible. Just a little tired and my hearing is muffled 🤧😷

Finally, I am making a committment to myself to get back to writing poetry. I hope to post something for the Blue Love collection on Friday. A little blue eyed spark of lust would help with getting the poetic mojo going 😉💥🔥😋😘 I could use a little crystal blue sparkle ☺️

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Self Care Sunday – Reconnect Through Love

Self Care Sunday

Taking care of ourselves is not just about taking care of our physical body. It also includes maintaining healthy relationships and looking out for your emotional well-being. More importantly, it must include understanding sometimes you have no control.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my family in recent months. There is still a feud in the family that is putting those of us who are neutral in some really uncomfortable situations. I tried to mediate when the fight first broke out about two years ago. After several unsuccessful attempts to help mend fences between the my nephew(41 years old) and my niece(35 years old) I had to give up.

Last year’s holiday season was the most stressful holiday season of my life because of this feud. On Christmas Day, I reached a breaking point and left Philly one hour after arriving. I came home because I wasn’t indulging either side. I wanted them to understand what this conflict is doing to the whole family. Honestly, me finally taking a stand and them seeing me break down in tears, did seem to help them see how it’s affecting the neutral folks. While they are no longer trying to pull me onto their sides and are respecting my neutrality, they still aren’t speaking to each other. I now, in essence, have two separate families.

The hardest thing about this situation is that I had to accept I have no control. I had to accept I can’t fix this. Both sides are waiting for apologies that neither will give. Both are waiting for an admission of wrong doing that neither will offer. I was trying to stay away from both groups for a while because I didn’t want it to appear I was taking sides. I try to walk the line between them so carefully that I constantly stress myself out. It makes me sad that my Mother can’t have her whole family together on holidays because of this situation. It is obvious to me that they are all wrong. I can see it with objective clarity. But there is absolutely nothing I can do help it, fix it or mend it. All I can do is accept it as the new normal in our family until something changes it. I pray for this every day.

The problem with me trying to stay away from both sides to avoid getting pulled into the conflict is I am losing my deep connections to all of my family members and also losing my relationships with my great nieces. It sucks because we’ve always been a close family. If you don’t think tragedy can break apart a family, you are wrong. Our family sustained multiple tragedies over a short time. I’ve seen a lot of heartache in my life. In the beginning, we stuck together. Our shared pain unified us and made us stronger but no one was dealing with grief properly. I asked each to get therapy; all refused. As the younger generation started turning to alcohol, drugs and holding their pain/anger inside, things started escalating. All it took was one last tragedy to be the one that split everyone apart with hurtful words that were spoken during a drunken bar fight between family members.  Yep, it got that ugly.  Anyways, it escalated into long term family feud. I wasn’t even there when it happened but I am still suffering the affects.

It makes me laugh when folks think that because I never had kids that I had no stress in my life… They really don’t know a thing about me, how deep I love, how much I care and what I am willing to sacrifice or put on the line for the people I love. They really don’t know what keeps me up at night or what makes me so worried that I get ulcers. They don’t know me at all. I chose not to have kids for a couple of reasons. Trust me, it wasn’t because I don’t love enough or because I am selfish – I love too much and feel everyone’s pain as if it is my own. I have a broken heart to prove it.

I am making an effort to deepen relationships with family members individually. In hopes that the example I set, shows them how they should be treating each other. I am trying to turn the tides with love and hope. “Wherever you find bad things, you find good people trying to make things better.” – Linda Ellerbee

I had my nephew’s three daughters down my house Friday to Saturday. They are 14, 13 and 9. They couldn’t stay longer because they had a softball late Saturday afternoon. They didn’t want to miss it and the oldest had a conference call about being scouted by colleges. We had so much fun. Everything went well all weekend. We really enjoyed the time together. We swam in my building’s pool. We went to the rides on the Ocean City boardwalk. I don’t do rides because of my heart issue but they really enjoyed them; I enjoyed watching them. We had dinner and caught part of the Phillies game at a nice restaurant in Margate. The restaurant had three different ball games on and the girls were having fun watching the three screens from our table. We then brought ice cream home and watched a movie. We even had fun on the car rides 🙂 We met their parents for breakfast half way between Philly and Atlantic City yesterday morning. I am going to have them down again around the holidays and take them to Cape May. They’ve never been there and want to see the shore around Christmas time. Honestly, I would rather spend my money having time with them than going on yoga retreats by myself.

I’ve had a bit of head cold with ear and sinus congestion trying to catch up to me for a couple of days. This crazy humidity is doing a number on my sinuses this summer🤧 I’ve been self medicating in hopes I can hold it off. While I would like to go out today, this feels like a self care Sunday that I should slow down and rest. I am going to stay home, rest and let me my body try to heal naturally. If I don’t feel better in a day or two, I’ll go to the doctor.

I hope you are taking care of yourself today.

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Life Lessons and Perseverance

Albert Einstein Life Lessons

I’ve been noticing a lot of posts on Instagram lately stating that things are easy when you are in the “flow” with the Universe. Folks are asserting that what is meant for you should always be easy and come without resistance. While I understand the concept, I see things a little differently; here’s why.

Sometimes the struggle is part of our lesson. Sometimes the struggle is where we grow, learn and adapt. If we never struggle, perhaps we never truly learn how to persevere. If we don’t persevere through adversity, perhaps we don’t learn our depth of strength and fortitude. I think guiding folks to believe things should always be easy, perhaps trains them to avoid the very struggle that is supposed to make them stronger and more resilient. If folks are always expecting things to be easy, they will not be prepared to rise to life’s challenges. Do you think it’s easy for a butterfly to break out of a cocoon? Do you think it’s easy for a drug addict to stay clean? The process is a struggle but the end result is magnificent.

From my experience, you can still be doing what is meant for you, still be in the flow and still be in alignment with the Universe even when you feel uncomfortable, frustrated and burnt out. Yes, it’s true – you can. If you were intended to learn perseverance, things will not be easy. I think the key is to ask yourself if you are growing, upleveling or expanding in your current situation. If you are, then you are still in alignment. If you aren’t, you are most likely no longer in alignment. We were not meant to be stagnant beings. We were meant to evolve, change and grow.

Here’s an example from my own life…

In December 2017, I accepted a one year assignment doing a job completely out of my comfort zone. The application and interview process were easy. Things went smoothly. I felt good. I knew this experience was meant for me. I applied and got the job without any resistance. I was definitely in the flow.

I’ve been in the job since early February. I’ve had many successes and have received a lot of encouragement from leadership. But this job is frustrating! It is stressful and it is hard at times. So hard at times I’ve considered giving up – I’ve persevered. Even though it can be challenging at times, that doesn’t mean it was not meant for me. It doesn’t mean I am out of alignment. What it means is that I am learning something about myself through these challenges. I am being force to uplevel myself. I am being asked to work at a level higher than ever before.

This job forces me to have daily interaction with internal and external stakeholder at all levels of the corporate ladder. I interact all day; it’s exhausting at times. If you know me, I am introverted. I could hide in my cube all day not saying a word. In this job, I must engage; therefore, I am stretching and growing. I am also trying to change company culture and champion for the proverbial underdog. Not as easy as it sounds. My Sponsor asked me to help her shape the future.  I am her boots on the ground.  Do you think asking folks to change the way the they do business is easy? We all know how folks feel about change. Lol 😂 This job has bit of sales component to it. If you know me, you know I HATE small talk. 😂 This job involves auditing current practices. Folks just love that I am peeking into their business practices. (sarcasm) Lol. 😂 BUT, I am growing through these challenges because I am persevering.

Most importantly, I need to be mindful through this experience. The key is for me to be aware if emotionally, physically and mentally the job starts depleting me instead of motivating me. I need to be in tuned with my soul to know if it’s no longer rewarding and then take steps to walk away. I need to use my intuition to sense when I’ve learned all I am meant to learn from this experience.

I have six months left in this role. I don’t know what will happen. I do know I can’t push myself like this long term but I am hoping that within the next six months with the help of the Execs, the tide will turn or perhaps my focus will be changed by leadership. I am hoping it continues to be rewarding but I am open to all other opportunities and experiences just in case it’s not.

Wrapping back to my point, I was meant to learn through this experience. I was meant to learn I can operate at this level. I meant to know that I was underestimated and held back in the past. I don’t think I was held back intentional it was just the culture of the organization I used to work in.   I was meant to understand I can sit at a table with the highest level of executives and hold my own. I was meant to prove this to myself. I was meant to persevere. So, hell yes! You can still be in the flow with the Universe even though you are stuggling. You just have to make sure you are struggling for the right reasons. If you are growing, expanding and living outside of your comfort zone, then you are definitely doing what was meant for you!

Lastly, I went to a STEM training class late in the day. I was going to skip it but I went so I could just sit back and absorb information instead of talk 😂 As I walked in the door, I bumped into a stakeholder who owes me something that is on my CRITICAL PATH! I was planning to reach out to him later in the week if I didn’t hear from him. We sat together and talked for a few minutes before class began. We came up with plan on how we can move forward. We scheduled a meeting with our “Chief” while we were there. We both committed to possibly launching two grant challenges at the same time running Oct to May. Yep, two at the same time.(There’s reason why it has to be two). It’s really complicated BUT it is doable! He’s the science and mentorship guy for academia while I am administration and project management. We have a few more meetings set up to work things out but we are briefing this to my Sponsor and Execs on Aug 20th.  Wish me luck 😂😂

So, do you think I was in the flow today? I went to a meeting I was going to skip and ended up getting the missing piece to the puzzle that has been keeping me up at night for a week 😂 Yep, I was in the flow for sure this afternoon 🙌


Self Care Sunday – How Have You Taken Care Of Yourself?

Self Care Sunday Art

This Self Care Sunday has no theme. It’s a mixed bag of thoughts and reflects from the week.

First, My three great nieces (14, 13 and 9) are coming to my condo on the beach Friday to Sunday next weekend. It’s the first time they are staying with me. All I am going to say it’s been drama filled already. Lol:-) The 13 year old and I a close but she has been messaging me all week to negotiate. You can imagine how that is starting to get on my nerves 😂 She asked for friends to come. She sent me discount coupons for rides. She even called shotgun for the ride down already 😂 I now understand why their dad(my nephew) told me she was exhausting and gives him a run for his money every day 😂 However, what I also see is that she’s is strategic, a planner, looks for opportunities and is thrifty. OMG! She is just like me 😂 Where this kid crossed the line a little for me was she invited their 18 year old estranged sister, who is not my niece and I’ve never met her in person, to come to condo without asking me first. I said no; there is no room. I am already giving the three girls my bed and I am sleeping on the sofa. I did, however, tell them she can meet up with us on the beach and go to the rides with us if she wants to drive down for a day trip only. This was me practicing self care and enforcing boundaries. I hope next weekend is just fun without any drama. Stay tuned on this one; I don’t think I heard the last of this yet 😂

I woke up Saturday tired, sore, grumpy and in no mood to do anything. I had a long work week. My brain was tired. I was tired of talking, presenting and collaborating. I wanted to retreat to my corner and hide. I forced myself to walk up the local cafe for breakfast. I forced myself to walk three miles with a half hour break mid way through. When I got home at 1:00pm yesterday, I ended up falling a sleep on the sofa for two hours. When I woke up, I was even more exhausted and ended just watching “Orange is the New Black” for the rest of they day, eating Wawa Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream for dinner and going to bed at 9pm.

I woke up this morning feeling guilty for doing nothing yesterday😏But, I am also feeling physically better. I am energized. I have no pain or stiffness. I feel rested. I walked five miles by 10:00am. When I got home from walking, I no longer feel guilty about doing nothing yesterday because I realized my body was just tired and must have just needed the rest. It’s ok to rest. In reality, I practiced good self care yesterday by just letting my body have the rest it obviously needed. As far as the ice cream for dinner, Wawa Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream is my favorite. It’s ok to eat something you really enjoy once in while even if it has no nutritional value 😉 It was delicious 😋

Finances were brought to my attention yesterday too. I generally do not keep balances on credit cards. However, between going back to school, buying the new car and making changes so I would be more physically comfortable, I’ve accumulated some debt. Let me also say being sick and having health problems isn’t cheap. A lot of cash in the last year has gone to doctor appointment copays, physical therapy co pays and prescriptions. Also, the Integrative doctor I see is cash only. The food I eat is gluten free and organic; both are expensive. I am completely self-sufficient and independent. I live a modest lifestyle and finance my own activities. So, I am solely responsible for looking for ways to conserve cash.I also plan to double down on credit card payments going forward and stick to budget because having debt is kind of freaking me out. It may take a year to pay it off. So this means no vacations or large expenses until it’s paid down. I am ok with that. However, I will not start my new budget until after the girls visit next week. I am not going to be cheap the one weekend of the year they are here. It’s good self care to check-in with your finances and stick to a budget.

With the recent flare-up of tummy troubles and the recent congenital arrhythmia checkup, I started to be honest with myself that perhaps stress is playing a bigger role in health issues than I was willing to admit. The reality is I am under a lot of pressure in this new job. I am enjoying this role/job but it is A LOT of responsibility. I interact with Managers and Executives across many organizations in the company all day long. This is new for me. I went from a staff/support role to a high level of visibility and responsibility. It’s stressful. I’m still adjusting. That is just the truth. Also, the position is still considered only temporary; it could end in February but it could also be made permanent. No decision about that has been made yet. That also adds pressure and leaves me in a “unknown” status because I am pretty sure I want to stay here 😊 There is just more room for me breathe in this group. My boss allows me to do my job freely. We have a strictly professional type of relationship – no friendship or strong loyalty one way or the other but we do work well together. We check-in, he’s there if I need him, he offers coaching when it’s needed, he pulls me back if necessary but he does not micro-manage me or my career. I am free. This works well for me because I am self motivated. I’ve also had a few interesting conversations with Executives this past week. They offered to smooth the way for me and remove roadblocks to make things easier for me. I was given the indication the hope is I will CHOOSE to stay when the time comes. They also offered help with that too. We will see how that plays out.

A few weeks ago, my new boss offer to pay for my travel to go to PMP Bootcamp in DC for a week in August. He told me it wasn’t a requirement and I do not need it for my job. He just wanted to offer me the opportunity. I said yes at the time. I went back to him this week and told him it’s just not a good time for me to do it. It would create stress in my life. I feel like it would be best for me to just focus on outreach and implementation of my program in work and self care outside of work. He told me he completely understood; no worries. The offer is available to me as long as I am in his group. It’s completely up to me. It was good self care for me to express how I truly felt about the job to the Execs. It was good self care to admit the stress is taking a bigger toll on me than I realized. It was good self care to take steps to eliminate stress I see in the near future. It was good self care to prioritize where I expend my energy in the coming weeks. While I am still going to DC in mid-August, it’s for work related meetings. I am also staying at the hotel close to work that I really like again 🙂 That also makes it less stressful. I do enjoy going to DC and looking forward to going for this trip.

With all of this said, I have an appointment with my therapist tomorrow night. She will be getting an earful. She will be proud of me for learning to manage stress better. I highly recommend cognitive therapy and taking the time to step back from your life to reflect.

What have you done to take care of yourself this week? Did you rest? Where you honest with yourself? Did you eliminate stress? Have you dug into your finances lately to really understand where all the money is going? Did you express your needs to someone who can help you?

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