Christmas Day 1970 – Photo

Linda Christmas Day 1970

Linda Christmas Day 1970

I just found this photo over the weekend. This photo has “Christmas Day 1970” written on the back. It was taken the same year as the Santa photo I posted last week. So, looks like Santa brought me the dolly and stroller I asked for:-) Everyone says I look exactly the same only a few years older:-)

The photos of I’ve been posting of me when I was little are very special to me.  They remind of the Christmas Days when my father was alive.  He died when I was seven.  He was only 41 years old.  He had a massive heart attack while food shopping.  

I am the youngest of five children and I am much younger than my siblings. While they all joke I was a “mistake”, my Mother still insists I was the only one that was actually planned because my Dad wanted another baby.  And, I was his baby. He took me everywhere with him. I was most definitely “Daddy’s” little girl. 

Everyone in my family remembers how much my Dad loved Christmas. I remember he loved everything about it.  He loved decorating. He loved shopping.  He loved shopping for the tree. He loved it all. My parents had a Christmas Eve party every year. Green and Red drinks were served(Green Creme De Mint and Blood Marys).  I fondly remember those early Christmas Days before everything changed forever.  I say thanks to my parents for being good loving caring parents.  I am truly blessed to be your child.