Colonscopies Can Save Your Life

colon-cancer-stages-300x297As many of you know, the only time I share health information is when I think my experience will help one of you. As I’ve navigated the maze of health issues that I’ve had the last two years nothing gives me more satisfaction than to know my experiences may be of benefit or education to others.

Early in January I had diagnostic colonoscopy because I’ve had many digestive issues. I learned when the colonoscopy was over that I had kinks in my colon, slow bowel motility, diverticulitis and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. They also removed polyps. The pathology on the polyps came back that they were PRE-CANCER. Thankfully, they were caught early and completely removed before growing any further. I wasn’t supposed to have a colonoscopy until I was 50. I am only 45. Grant it, I’ve been symptomatic. But, what would have happened if I wasn’t very in tuned to my body and aware of the subtle changes were starting to affect my overall health? I was diligent. I didn’t take no for answer. I was my own personal health advocate and changed GI docs twice before finding one I liked. Now I know for sure I am going to be ok. My digestive issues are finally calming down and I can resume life healthy instead of sick.

My public service announcement of the week is to be sure to be your own health advocate. You live in your body. The Doctor’s don’t. If you are not satisfied with your treatment, seek another Doctor. And, get Colon Cancer Screenings as necessary. Mine was caught early and removed during a regular colonoscopy before it caused any permanent damage to my colon. One last note: consider switching your multi-vitamins to Adult Chewables. Those big pills take a long time to digest and can get stuck in the colon. My doctor told me you can actually see them on X-rays stuck in the digestive track.

Have a great healthy day!