Exercising To Eat or Drink More?

Now that I am in the “maintenance” part of my weight loss/fitness journey I thought I would share one little tip I learned recently along the way.

Many diets(weight watchers and others) advocate “earning points” through exercise. This basically equates to burning calories through exercise to eat or drink more. Be careful doing this. As my Doctor told me recently, it’s not always a one for one exchange. When people work out a lot, they overestimate how many calories they may have burned. Many of the fitness apps out there (myfitnesspal, etc) actually over-estimate the calories burned during exercise. So, people end up over-eating. In other words, they walk three miles and burn 200 calories then eat a 300 calorie dessert or drink three glass of wine worth 300 calories.

If you are using exercise so you can eat/drink more, be sure to keep it in proportion. In other words, if you only burned 200 calories that day, be sure you are consuming 200 or less additional calories that day. Otherwise, you may gain weight and sabotage your efforts. 

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3 thoughts on “Exercising To Eat or Drink More?

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