Listen To Your Body


Yoga is all about listening to your body. Sadly, my body was giving me cues all week long that I was really sick and I ignored them. I couldn’t sleep all week because I felt feverish. But i didn’t care about a fever. I was going on a yoga retreat at my beloved Kripalu Center.

I ended up in Urgent Care on Saturday with a what the Doctor called a “mean sinus and throat infection.” He said my throat was on fire. I picked up my antibiotics and ran around like a lunatic for hours getting stuff done before I left. Who needed rest? Not me!

Well, I got to Kripalu a hot mess today. While asking them where to find Gatorade nearby as the cafe didn’t sell it, the front desk manager told me I really shouldn’t be doing yoga as sick as I was. They then offered me a full credit if I wanted to leave in the morning and come back when I am 100%.

So, I am lying in bed feeling like crap at Kripalu. I am leaving to go home at the crack of dawn. I will then check myself into my own bed for a couple days to rest and recover properly. My body needed sleep and rest this week not stress and yoga.

The bright side is they gave me a full credit. And, I can combined my furlough day, rotating day off and maybe come back next month. I will enjoy it then and be able to enjoy my body 100%.

Now, I’m sick, anxious and can’t sleep. Can’t wait to get home.

The lesson in this is my body was telling me it needed sleep and rest. Instead I resisted and pushed. I must remember to listen to my body and always follow my instincts. It was telling me to reschedule all week long.

At least I got a great picture of the mountain while I was here.

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