Synergy – Love, Sex & Poetry

Synergy – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

My arm
Touches your face
As my other arm
Wraps around your neck
Pulling you closer to me
Feeling the energy
Passing between us
Moving from
My eyes to yours
From my breasts
To your chest
Pressing my hips
Into yours
The spark ignites me
When our eyes meet
It’s like
Lightening hits my soul
The current
Stirs my juices
Stimulating my body
Challenging me
To let go
of the past
To let go
With you
And give
Into this
A promise
Of excitement
Could you be the one
To stimulate my
And Intellect
In unison
Could you be the one
To capture
The depths of the
Fire in my soul
And Harness
The power
That resides in me
Could you be the one
That challenges me
To be more
To want more
To expect more
Could you be the one
Willing to
Change and grow
With me
Are you willing to
Open yourself
To me
Let me in
Your heart
While you
Rest between my legs
Use my body
As your playground
Use my mind
As your inspiration
Use my spirit
As your fuel
You will be my Muse
I will write
For you
I will moan
For you
I will willfully
Place my body
In your hands
Command my breasts
With your hands
Whisper into my ear
See rapture in my eyes
Feel beautiful release
Of two souls
Coming together
In one moment
Of perfect
(C) 2013 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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I wrote this poem while sitting by the water at Cape May Point, NJ listening to the sounds of the Ocean and the birds, watching the sun hit the water and people strolling the beach.  I was inspired to write something positive, powerful and promising. 

Photo Credit:
Charmaine Olivia – American Painter Romantic Surrealist

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