In The Valley Of My Cleavage – Love, Sex & Poetry Reblog


In the Valley of My Cleavage – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda Long

Dive down
all the way down
Into my cleavage
Follow the trail
I wear around my neck
Stay in my valley
For a while
Cascade my peaks
I’ll take splendor
As you take your pleasure
Find peace
In the depth of breasts
Let your hands
Float in my waters
I’ll rescue you
Rest your head
For a little while
Listen to my heart
It beats for you
It is strong now
I’ll rescue you
with my mouth to yours
Dive into me
Soak me up
Breathe me deep
Smell the new air
Ravish me
in the comfort
and safety of your love
Swim onto my shore
I’ll Hold onto love
I won’t let you go
It’s yours
All yours
It’s waiting
for you
in the valley
of my cleavage
© 2011 – Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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NOTE: Yep, sex on the brain again today. Another post for Love, Sex & Poetry.

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