If Fish Could Fly – Love, Sex & Poetry (We Write Poems Post)

If Fish Could Fly – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

If fish could fly
And birds could swim
Drunk with desire
I would fly
Through lustful waters
Soaring to the peaks
Of sinful exhalation
With the touch
Of your hand
I would swim
Through the air
With open arms
And wide legs
Seeing the world
Through drunken eyes
If fish could fly
I would soar
Filled fueled
Sexual attraction
Juicy With
You in my thoughts
If birds could swim
I would float
on my desire
Waiting on you
To stroke my breasts
As I spread my wings
For you to land
Snuggly on my hips
If fish could fly
And birds could swim
My world would be
Turned upside down
By the calling
Of heighten
Senses in your presence
My libido
To an
If physical attraction
And sexual desire
Are intoxicating
I would rather
Be drunk on
And wet by lust
Than wine
Drink my juice
Taste the sweetness
Savor the flavor
Let your head spin
Feel the ecstasy
In our embrace
Get drunk on me
Fly with the fishes
Swim with the birds
While lying in
The embrace of our desire
Soar with me
Let your imagaination
Take flight
As you float
Rhythmically with me
In our drunken
World of
Sexual Desire

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