In The Center Of My Fire – Love, Sex & Poetry (Repost)

In The Center Of My Fire – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long
Ball of fire
I explode
By your touch
Into a raging
Inferno that
Wraps you
In its fingers
Pulling you
To my fire
Lighting your
Way home
To my heart
Waits for you
Love ready
To twist
Around your
And melt
Your body
Into mine
Can you feel
The pulse of
Spinning the color
Of lust
Around your legs
Rising up
To the center of body
Tasting the tip
Of your fire
Placing my
Hands at
Your heart center
Kissing your lips
Bring you back
To love
Burning your name
Rest your love
Between my legs
Live in the center
Of our fire
Waits for you
Flames lick
Your ears
Brushing your lips
Come to me
And touch
Center of my fire
That only
For you
© 2012 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Photo Credit

Talon Abraxas – British Surrealist Painter – 1980

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