The Altar Of Your Sex – Love, Sex & Poetry 

The Altar Of Your Sex – Love, Sex & Poetry 

By: Linda A. Long 


At the altar
Of  sex
I confess my sins
Of impure thoughts
Of you deep
Inside my
Thoughts of you
Taking me
The way
A passionate woman
Needs to be taken
I confess
There’s something
About you
That kicks off
A chemical reaction
In the center of my legs
Something happens
To me when you
Are near by
It’s hard to ignore
I confess
I’ve been fantasizing
About your hands
Cupping my breasts
As your lips
Circle my nipples
I humbly confess
Images of you
In my mouth
Were in my thoughts
This morning
As I laid in bed
I confess
My mind wanders
When you are near
So, please forgive me
If I don’t always engage you
It’s just sometimes
I am embarrassed
By my desire
And the
Moist sensations
I feel
In our exchanges
When you are close
I confess
I am a passionate woman
Not afraid
To speak of my desires
Or write my inner most
Sensual longings
But, I
By the
Intensity of images
Of you possessing me that
Flash before my eyes
In a glance
I see you
Having me
Having me
To your satisfaction
I confess
You’ve touched
Me in my thoughts
As I’ve touched myself
In this confessional
I admit I am bad girl
But, the thoughts of us
Wrapped together
While you enter me are
So so sweet and delicious
Well, it unsettles me
To know
This craving is so deep
And continues to grow
Like tea brewing
Slowly in the sun
The attraction
To you
Continues to draw me in
I confess
I think about your
Hands, tongue and
Cock finally
Inside of me
I shyly admit
I fantasize of you
Satiating my most primal desire
As I lay myself open
To you widely
For your liking
For your taking
Kneeling at your feet
I ask for you
To give me penance
Grab my hair
In Your hand
Please I beg of you
Pull me into submission
Set me free
As I take you
Into my mouth
Enjoy the very
First moment
I tasted you
Forgive me
For leading you
Into temptation
Said Eve
To Adam
Your touch
To my hips
Will save
Our souls
Maybe your
Mouth against
My skin
Will release
The demon within
The center of my body
Must I say Hail Marys
To repent
Shall I beg
You for absolution
Shall I shout
Oh God
While you
Press into me
As my act of
I humbly confess
My sins
At the altar
Of your sex
And ask for your
Deepest most
Penetrating punishment
My gentle kind sir
I humbly
Confess my sinful
Thoughts to you
And ask for absolution
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2 thoughts on “The Altar Of Your Sex – Love, Sex & Poetry 

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  2. Deliciously delightful, seriously erotic, demandingly different, evocatively provocative, exquisitely crafted, potently constructed, intriguingly imaginative.
    The balance of faith and lust beautifully articulated.
    The mind being the most excitable of ones erogenous zones.


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