Stolen Moment – Love, Sex & Poetry

Stolen Moment – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Come close
To me
I want to
Touch you
I want to
Slide my hands
Up your arms
Until they
Wrap around
Your neck
I want to
Pull you close
So my full breasts
Press against
Your chest
In a tight embrace
I want to
Slowly run my tongue
Along your ear
Before I look
Deep into you
Beautiful eyes
And kiss you
The way a
Passionate woman
Kisses a man
Come close
Rest your hands
On my ass
As you stroke my back
Feeling my body
Warm under the
Friction of your caress
Press me
Against the wall
And kiss me
The way a
Man wants
To kiss a woman
Let your hands
Feel my breasts
With nipples erect
By your touch
Hear my breathe
In your ear
As my excitement grows
Kiss my lips
Slide your hand
Under my skirt
And feel
Between my legs
Moist for you
Ready for you
As my breathe
By your touch
Hear me
Whisper your name
As I climax
On your fingers
Kiss my lips
Give my ass
One last grab
As you
Release me
From our
Stolen moment
Back to
Our reality
In this
Secret attraction
Between you and me
© 2013 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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This is what I was thinking about yesterday afternoon 🙂
Photo Credit:Red Dream | Renata Domagalska ~ Expressive Figurative painter

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