The Flame – Love, Sex & Poetry

The Flame – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Lighting a match
I hold the flame
In the chamber
Of my heart
Deep within
It burns
One flame
Burning brightly
Yet self-contained
One flame
Burning steady
Yet in private
Secured within
The walls of
My heart
Flame burns
Shades of orange and yellow
Lighting your name
In every flicker
Burning your
Face into the
Lining of my heart
Softly fanning
The new flame
Protecting it
From the strong winds
The surrounds us
Guarding the small
Flickering light
To keep it’s fire going
Concealing it
From view
To keep it
Something special
Between us
The flame burns
Hoping to
Nourish your heart
With its warmth
Fanning the small ember
Deep within your soul
Sharing my spark
To ignite your heart’s
Fire once again
Hoping a new passion
Burns within you
For life
For love
For joy
Hoping a new passion
Inspires you
To reconnect
With the flame
In your heart
And fan
The embers
Until they
Burn brightly
Once again
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I am not sure where this poem came from today. It wasn’t something that I was thinking about. Just something that rose up in me and had to come out. That’s the best part about creativity. You can’t direct the energies. They go wherever they are called. It’s hard in our world to learn to let go of control and allow things to flow freely. When I freed my mind in meditation, this is what swelled to the top and came out.

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Abandon – Seignac Guillaume – French Academic Painter

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