The Beast of My Desire – Love, Sex & Poetry

hodgesYou Feed My Desire – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

I need a spark
To light
My flame
Of creativity
I miss
The inspiration
From eye contact
I need the surge
Of lust
From our physical attraction
To release the
Poetry and words
Of sex and desire
Letting go of pressures
I need your spark
That comes
From your eyes to mine
Wanting me
I want you
Sharing private moments
Feeding the beast
Of desire
It motivates me
To create
For you
Leave behind
The burdens
We both carry
Relief in
Each other
Fall into me
Feed the beast
Of my desire
Can you hear
These words?
If so
Know I am
Thinking of you
And desiring the
Spark of life force
That travels through
My body
When you are
Near me
Feeding the beast
Of my desire
Like lightening
The ground
You pierce
Through me
Straight down
Between my legs
Aching for
Your touch
Dripping with desire
Feeding the beast
Of my deisre
If you feel my
Energy surrounding
You today
I send it
To you
As a spark
Hoping to
Feed the beast
Of your desire
And give
Your soul
The nourishment
It needs
So you know
You spark me
You feed the beast
Of my desire
©2013 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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