What Would You Do – Love, Sex & Poetry

What Would You Do – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda Long

What would you do
If you were alone with me
In a locked room?
Would you stand
Across the room
And watch me
Would you resist
The urge to touch me
Would you slowly
Move towards me
Knowing with each step
You are feeling
More aroused
Would you
Establish rules for
Our engagement
Can we kiss
Will you touch my breasts
May I take you in my mouth
Will you taste the wet
Desire for you
Between my legs
Would you lose
Your inhibitions
And explore the
Sensual attraction
That draws us together
Will you remove my clothes
Would you stay dressed
Or would we finally be
Naked and exposed
To each other
In a moment of surrender
What would you do
If we were alone in
A locked room
Would you finally break free
And claim what you’ve wanted
Would you finally take
Something for yourself
Would you finally let yourself
Feel the intensity of a woman
Who desires you
Would you let go
And let me generously
Satisfy you
If I was in a locked room
Alone with you
I would kiss you
And finally press
Your chest against
My breasts
I would touch you
Tenderly, softly
And let passion build
I would have you
The way I’ve wanted you
If I was alone with you
In a locked room
I would tastes your lips
And look deeply into
Your beautiful eyes
Even knowing our circumstance
And responsibilities
I would kiss you
The way I’ve wanted to
And I would be your lover
(C) 2013 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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(C) 2013 Linda Long Writes
All Rights Reserved

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