Imagination – Love, Sex & Poetry

Imagination – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

In a lost moment
Caught in
The enchantment
Of her imagination
She surrenders
Softly drifting
Into the warm
Arms of her lover
Sweetly exhaling
Into his ear
Breathing in his
Intoxicating breathe
He is hers
But for a moment
In her imagination
He is her lover
Ardent kisses
On her nipples
Soft warm hugs
Around her full hips
His hands
Know her pleasures
As he masterfully
Takes control
Of her body
The way he’s wanted
To for so long
Her legs
Are wrapped
Around his waist
He feels
The warm moist
Center waiting for him
In this moment
At this time
In his imagination
She is his
Losing all
She gives herself
To him
To have
To take
To hold
She gives herself
To him
She is his
She is his lover
If only
In his imagination
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