You Are Invited – Love, Sex & Poetry

Matthew_Scherfenberg__-_Tutt'Art@_(20)You Are Invited – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

You are invited
To see me
Face to face
To meet me
Nose to nose
Eye to eye
Lips to lips
You are invited
To touch
My waiting body
With your hands
and suck my
Hard nipples
With your lips
You are welcomed
To enter me
As a man
Who desires a woman
You are welcomed
To have me
It is my pleasure
To offer my body
To you
Use it
To your satisfaction
Leave me weak
By your passion
Walk away
Feeling the release
Of letting go
Of the pressures
Within me
Feel free
To accept
My non-verbal invitation
Only given by the
Glance of my eyes
To yours in passing
Feel my energy
Radiate to you
Let it stir you
The way it stirs me
Wanting you
To touch me
My invitation
Touch me
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Note: It’s hard to express an interest in someone when you can’t really verbal say anything to him and can’t really make any advances towards him because of the situation. I won’t lie. I am aroused when he is around me. But, not sure I should be 🙂 I am interested in himm. But, also cautious because of how we know each other. It’s complicated. I suppose this poem came out of those thoughts. I suppose I was thinking about what I would do or say if I could do or say anything to him. If I could, I would pull him into a room, lock the door and kiss him the way I’ve wanted to so long. But, that could get me into some trouble. 🙂 So, instead I write a poem. They say if you don’t know what to do, you should do nothing. So, I am hanging back and doing nothing while writing sex poetry from afar 🙂

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