I Surrender – Love, Sex & Poetry

3572_o_surrenderI Surrender – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

I surrender
To this longing
The lives within me
And calls your name
Like a wolf
Howling at the moon
This craving
Calls your name
From deep within
My breasts
Your name
Echos across
My body
Like a wave
With each ripple
My body
Rises and falls
With my breath
That is heavy
With the scent
Of desire
Sounding loudly
A heart beats
With passion
Raging fire
Within that
Burns and sizzles
For your touch
Ready to be
On my knees
In front of you
Ready to surrender
Hold me down
And command
My body
I surrender
Fully to you
Without reservation
I trust you
Trying to shield
My desire from view
But needing to
Give in to you
I surrender
In the flash of
Your eyes
I see myself
On my back
In an act of
I open wide
My mind
And body
To pleasure
Of your thrusts
And the
Gentle stir of
In the call
Of your voice
Nibble my neck
Whisper in my ear
Place your hands
Between my legs
And feel me
Surrender to you
For you
I surrender
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I like the word surrender. Surrender is what I’ve done in my life the last two years. I surrendered to what is in my life instead of trying to force my life to go a certain way. Two years ago I surrendered and accepted that a “relationship” or whatever you want to call it just wasn’t going to work no matter how much we loved each other. The sad truth is love isn’t enough when you realize you need and want different things in life. Love is letting each other go to find happiness and peace not holding too tight. Two years ago I surrendered and accepted that my body just couldn’t live the lifestyle I was living anymore. I’ve been just going with the flow where ever it takes me. My body has changed alot. I am alot healthier and, now, 80lbs thinner than I was two years ago. And, more recently I surrendered and accepted that some friends were not healthy for me anymore and I let go. It wasn’t easy. It’s still not easy seeing what I let go. But, sometimes we have to do the hard things in life and hope for the best. I surrendered and accepted that my life changed. Instead of holding on and wearing myself out fighting to keep things, I surrendered and found peace within.

Today I am thinking of surrendering in a different way. I am thinking of surrendering in a lusty sensual way. Surrendering to a craving like savoring each and every bite of a piece of Chocolate cake or surrendering to fantasy; just laying back and enjoying the lusty images flashing through your mind. But, the best act of surrender is when you surrender yourself to a lover. In surrendering yourself to another sexually you are placing your body, life and well-being into the hands of another. Surrendering in this way you are placing complete and total trust in your lover’s hands. Surrendering actually gives freedom and can bring two people closer together. It gives them the safety to explore each other sexually. It also gives them the freedom to express themselves with open minds and without inhibitions. Two people losing themselves in each other in a sexual act of surrender is beautiful way to connect with each other.

Surrender with me! Lose yourself in me as I lose myself in you.

I surrender!

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