Passionate Secret – Love, Sex & Poetry

Nello_Iovine_-_Tutt'Art@_(23)Passionate Secret – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

I have a secret
And it’s you
It’s in the way
I look at you
It’s in the way
I think about you
It’s in the way
I fantasize about you
You are my secret
No one knows
I want you
To kiss me
Kiss me
And make me yours
No one knows
I want you
To slide
Your hands
Up my thigh
And touch
My desire for you
Moist by the sound
Of your voice
No one knows
I want you
To be my lover
You arouse me
I want you
To live out your
Fantasies between my legs
I want you
I want to share
My multiple orgasms
With you
Under you
On top of you
I am a passionate woman
Under my ample breasts
Beat a wild heart
There’s a smoldering fire
Waiting for you
To fan its flame
Fan the flame of
Fire within me
Moaning your name
Will I sweetly
Wrapped my lips
Around you
Taking you
In my mouth
Opening myself
To you
Giving my body
Over to your control
You are my
Passionate secret
A secret I keep
To myself
Of you
And me
A secret
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Nello Iovine 1935
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