My Ruby Red Lips – Love, Sex & Poetry

My Ruby Red Lips – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Stains my lips
My bright
Ruby Red lips
My lips call to you
They beg you
To kiss them
And taste my desire
My lips sing to you
Kiss my lips
Drink me in
Slide your tongue
Into my mouth
And kiss me
The way you want to
Kiss me
My Ruby Red Lipstick
On your lips
I want to leave my
Lipstick on your lips
I want to kiss you
And see where my lips
Met yours
For the first time
And remember
The way you tasted
As I look into
Your beautiful eyes
I want to remember
The way your lips
Tasted the first time
I kissed you
My Lipstick
Where I had you
In my mouth
My Ruby Red lipstick
Wrapped around you
In a circle
Where I had you
In my mouth
My lipstick
Where my mouth
Slid up and down you
So you can remember
The way my eyes
Were filled with
Lust as they
Looked up at you
And licked
You deliciously
I want to lick you
With Ruby Red lips
and kiss You
I want to kiss you
Softly from head to toe
And leave a trail
Of kisses
Down the center
Of your chest
I want to kiss you
With my
Ruby Red Lipstick
My Ruby Red Lipstick

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Magic Realism | Claudio Sacchi 1953 | Italian Portrait painter
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2 thoughts on “My Ruby Red Lips – Love, Sex & Poetry

  1. Linda…there is a fight between red ruby lips and red ruby lipstick.

    I think the specific mentioning or repition of lipstick makes the whole poem less erotc in nature.

    But overall the poetry is good and sensuous.


  2. Hi.
    Thanks for the feedback. You caught what was going on in my head perfectly. Or I caught it perfectly in the poem. I get images in my head when I write. I was getting mixed signals in my head of lips and lipstick. I wrote this pretty quickly. Perhaps if I took more time t I would have been able to clarify the direction I was going. Lol:-)
    Thanks for the constructive criticism. Its appreciated. Have a great day:-)


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