Arousal – Love, Sex & Poetry


This Arousal – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long
Standing in the
Center of the room
His presence
Commands me
As if mesmerized
By him
My body willingly
Softens and readies
For the authority
Of his touch
Firm yet soft
Forceful yet seductive
The movements
Of his body
Are an aphrodisiac to mine
Sexually submissive
To his control
Craving his
Velvety kisses
He places slowly
On my nipples
Rewarding me
For my patience
He slowly takes
The treasure
He’s waited
So long for
He takes me
He has me
I let go
Under his command
With each delicious touch
He sends shivers
Down between my legs
It’s his voice
That commands me
As he passes by
My legs spread in submission
Inviting him
Into the watery depths
Of my arousal
Under his command
My body is ready
My mind is sparked
By his prescence
His eyes
See my desire
I am under
The command of
This arousal
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