It Is Him- Love, Sex & Poetry


It Is Him- Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

In front of
Her mirror
She sees
Her full breasts
And thinks of
How it will feel
When he takes her
Large breasts
In his hands
Slowly she
Teases her nipples
Until they are erect
As her thoughts
Of him
Stir her arousal
While they can’t see each
Other right now
Thoughts of him
Continue to arouse her
The wetness between her legs
Reminds her
Of how he
Turns her on
With just a glance
Of his eyes
She remembers
How his voice
Excites her
Feeling sensations build
Between her legs
She lays down
On the bed
As she spreads her legs
She slides her
Fingers between
Her legs and feels
The wetness
That was made by
Her thoughts
Of him
She wonders if he
Is thinking of her
Does he want
Her body under his
Is he touching himself
As he is thinking of her
Her body is ready for him
Although they are apart
She can visualize him
So clearly
It’s almost as if it’s
His fingers she
Feels inside of her
Instead of her own
As her desire builds
It is him
She is thinking of
It is his touch
That brings her
To orgasm
As she quietly
Drifts to sleep
It is his voice
She hears whisper
In her ear
It is his face
She sees in her
Mind’s eye
It is him she knows
She desires
It is him she wants
It is him
It is him

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(C) 2013 Linda Long Writes
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Vicente Romero Redondo
After editing the short story I wrote last night, I decided I liked it better as a poem.

Someone has been on my mind and I guess I wanted that to come through in the poem. I was thinking of him. I am looking forward to seeing him soon and hoping he is thinking of me too:-)