Restless Days – Love, Sex & Poetry

Jeremy Mann 1979 - American Impressionist painter - Tutt'Art@ (4)

Restless Days – Love, Sex & Poetry

By: Linda A. Long

The days
Have been long
Her mind has been eager
For the stimulation
Of his presence
Grows deep
Within breasts
As her thoughts
Linger on the
Warm sensations
Growing between
Her legs
She opens
Her robe
To be free
Of restriction
The restlessness
Is growing
When will
She see him again
Is he thinking of her
Does he fantasize about her
Will she feel
The pleasure of his touch
Will she kiss
His lips tenderly
Will he rest
His body between her legs
Time passes
As her thoughts
Help her pass the time
In these restless days
Restless for him
Her mind and body are
Restless for him
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Jeremy Mann

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