What Waits For You – Love, Sex & Poetry


What Waits For You – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

The energy in
The air changes
As you walk by me
My pulse
Quickens with desire
When I see your face
My breasts
Rise with excitement
Inviting you to
Secretly covet them
Just for a moment
Reach out
Touch them
As you walk by me
I surrender to the flame
Rising up in my body
Set by your eyes
The heat swirls the air
Around us
Like the wind
When you walk by me
I feel your body
Vibrating for me
To the rhythm
Of my hips
Your presence
Commands my body
To open for you
My legs start to
Spread apart
With hidden anticipation
Secretly hoping
You will confidentially
Slide your hand
Between them
And quickly feel the heat
I have for you
Pull me aside and
Press your body
Against me
Just a for moment
So we can feel each other
At last
Just for a moment
Your hands
Across my body
And feel what
Waits for you
As you pass by
I turn and glance
How I would like
To hold your ass
And push you deeper
Inside of me
Taking hold
Of you
Pressing you
Between my legs
Feeling you
For just a moment
You spark my desire
As you pass by
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NOTE: This one was rolling around in my head since I saw my “secret flirtation” on Monday. If only he could read my thoughts…  Every time we passed each other my mind would flash luscious images of his body close to mine, his hand secretly sliding across my body. I was almost hoping he would just come close to me and brush against me so I could feel the energy of his body up close. 😉 While he was standing near but with his back to me, I found myself lingering on his ass and thinking exactly what I wrote in the poem 😉

I wanted to write a poem that captured in words what I was thinking every time I saw him. I felt free.  It was fun. I don’t really feel the need to try to hide my attraction from him because it’s mutual. Nor do I wish to pretend it’s not there because it is there and I like it. I am not really sure what will come of it. But, the flirtation is fun and the lusty images that flash in my mind when he’s near me always catch me off guard.

Isn’t that what a spark between a man and woman is supposed to be?  It’s supposed to be fun and exciting. The energy between a man and woman is supposed to be stimulating.  When it’s good and healthy, it’s supposed to spark each of them with desire and energy. It’s supposed to make them both feel alive. It sparked this poem.  I titled it “What Waits For You” because my body is what waits for him 😉

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