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Have you ever felt energy between your hands? Have you touched your Prana and physically felt your lifeforce?

I been working on Energy Attunenents lately with Yogi Shanti Desai. I now can feel the energy passing between my hands. When I give a Reiki session, my hands get super hot from the energy passing through me. It feels amazing to actually feel the energy between your hands. I’ve also been working on feeling and recognizing the energy of those around me. Allowing the good in and blocking the negative out.

I met Yogi Desai over ten years ago and recently started studying with him again. I am truly learning how to harness my spiritual energy so I can live my best life. If you would like to read more about Yogi Desai, please visit his website.

Experience Energy for yourself. Follow the below simple directions from Yogi Shanti Desai’s book, “Wisdom For Living.”

Sit comfortably with your eyes closed. Interlock your fingers and stretch arms upward feeling the stretch in the back.

Release the hands and observe the gravity bringing the arms down while you remain witness. Do not try to resist or force your arms down.

When the arms come down, feel the energy build up in the palms. When the arms are shoulder height, face your palms towards each other and move them slowly together.

Feel the attraction of the palms towards each other.

Surrender and allow the energy to take over the movements.

When the palms touch each other, rub them and apply palming to face, forehead, head, neck and ears.(p.189-190)

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