The Call – Love, Sex & Poetry


The Call – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long
Other men
Look at me
They glance secretively
At my legs
They peek into
My cleavage
I know what they are thinking
Their glances
Do not excite me
It is you
You excite me
Your eyes stir my juices
I become moist
When you are near me
Your energy
Raises my
Primal desire
I fill with lust
In a glance
Of your eye
My body calls to you
Can you hear my
Vagina calling
Your name
It begs you to
Fuck me
From deep between
My legs
My body whispers to you
In a low sensual moan
Touch me
Stroke me
Caress me
Fuck me
Take me
I’m yours
Fuck me
I’m yours
Can you hear
My Vagina call
Your name
(C) 2013 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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I wore a short shirt today with no stockings. I don’t like stockings! I was fantasizing all day about my secret flirtation sliding his hand up my skirt. Being near him not only made me happy but it also made me wet. I swear the glance of his eye could have spread my legs. Sigh, one day he will have me. I’ll be eagerly looking forward to the day I can touch him, kiss him and have him between my legs.

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