Early Morning Hours – Love, Sex & Poetry


Early Morning Hours – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

In the dark
Of the night
He reaches for her
Just to be sure
She is really there
And he is not
Dreaming again
Needing the comfort
Of her hips
He slides
Over and spreads
Her legs
As he enters her
He feels
Her body
Wrapped around his
And he knows
She is there
With him finally
It is the
Heat of his skin
That she
Takes her comfort in
She breathes in his
As he makes love
To her
Before dawn breaks
It’s the moments
They have together
Before the day begins
That she treasures
The most
It is the moments
When he is
Fully and completely hers
That she
Feels the most joy
In the early mornings
Before day breaks
When he takes
Her in his arms
That she feels
The most content
It’s in the closeness of
Her body
That he feels
Her love
Love he has
Never known before
She nourishes him
With her body
She feeds him
With her soul
She comforts him
With her eyes
It’s in the
Early morning hours
When they
Lie entwined
Together without words
That they are both
At peace
At peace
When they are
Lying together
In the
Early morning hours
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