No Words – Love, Sex & Poetry


No Words – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Roll around
In my head
Words I want
To say to you
Time passes
Our eyes meet
For a split second
I feel
The fire of
Our connection
It’s expressed
Without words
Is said
When your
Eyes meet mine
At times
My attraction to you
Is a welcomed friend
In a hectic day
Peace is found
For a brief
When your eyes
Meet mine
And I swim
In the pool
Of your
Warm inviting
Blue eyes
No words are
My soul
To hear
Your voice
As you
Pass by
No words
Are ever needed
When I
Look into
Your eyes
© 2013 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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It seems my poetry has taken a softer more romantic tone this last week. Not really sure where it is coming from. But I believe in honoring my creative voice and allowing it to go where it’s called. I was journaling tonight and found myself thinking about someone and wondering if he feels the same thing I am feeling when our eyes meet. I feel like words aren’t needed; like somehow we are communicating on a deeper level. It’s interesting. I’m in tune with subtle nuances and for some reason I think he is too.

In any regards, I use our attraction to each other to spark my craft. In that sense, he’s connecting with me on the deepest level. He’s tapping into the part of myself i love the most – the creative free spirit who writes what she feels. It’s a nice feeling to be sparked in that way. I suppose that’s what is sparking the warm soft poetry instead of sex poems. But have no worries, I am sure a sexy fantasy will spark a dirty poem soon. Maybe even tomorrow 😉

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