Does He Know – Love, Sex & Poetry


Does He Know – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Is it true?
It can’t be so
I wouldn’t have let myself
No, I would have known better
It does appear
I may have let my guard down
Without even realizing it
For God Sakes
Tell me when
When did it happen
Because I missed it
That’s all it was
Just lust
I wanted to fuck him
And, fuck him good
That was it
No feelings
Just lust
Now I find myself
Being sad when he leaves
Missing him when he’s gone
And being happy when he returns
It’s weird
Kind of freaks me out
For the love
Of all things sensible
Please tell me
It’s so damn complicated
Lust was easier
Yes I enjoyed
Lusting for him
Missing him
Is more than I
What does missing someone mean?
Please tell me
Oh, for the love of God
How did this happen
To me?
I was so busy writing
Sex poems
About him and his
Blue eyes
I never seen it coming
Does he know?
Can he tell?
That I feel something more
For him
Than just lust
Does he know?
Can he tell?
I miss him
When he leaves
I am happy
When he returns
Does he know?
Can he tell?
I miss him
When he’s away
© 2013 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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This what was on my mind today. Does he know? Can he tell? Oh my God! WTF Linda! Maybe not be your best idea. What if he does know? Lol:-) I had to purge my head and just write it out. And if he does know and if he can tell, then maybe it was time for both of us to find out. But it’s still weird and still freaks me out a bit 🙂

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