Whispered Desires – Love, Sex & Poetry

Rolando_Cubero_-_Tutt'Art@_(6)Whispered Desires – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Talk to me
Let me hear
Your voice
In my heart
Say your words
To me
As you move
Through your day
Talk to me
I will feel
Your message
In my soul
As a vibration
Knowing you
Are thinking of me
Sensing you are
I will hear it
In my soul
As a beat
A sensation
An intuitive knowing
That you are
Connecting with me
Spark a fire
Between my legs
With your thoughts
Raise my nipples
With your
The sound of
Your voice
Carrying through
The air
Moving across
My body
As a wave
I want to ride
Ride you
Like a wave
Speak your desires
To me
Whisper them
As you lay
In bed
Pronounce them boldly
In the shower
Lay them softly on my ear
Press them
Roughly into
My vagina
Burn your
Lustful thoughts
In my mind
And connect
Your body
To mine
With your voice
Drifting softly
Through the air
And spreading
My legs
For your touch
Talk to me
I will hear you
Fantasize about me
I will be ready for you
Think of me
I am available for your pleasure
Whisper your deepest
Desires to me
I will make
Your fantasies come true
© 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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NOTE:  I am a sensory person.  I am inspired often by the sound of a man’s voice, the glance of his eye, energy I feel in his presence. Appeal to my senses and you will turn me on forever. 

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Rolando Cubero

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