Burn With Me – Love, Sex & Poetry


Burn With Me – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Would you like
To taste me?
Would you like
To touch me?
Would you like
To look into
My eyes as you
Fuck me?
Would you like
To kiss me?
Would you like
To hold me?
Would you like
To spread my
Legs so I
Scream your name?
Would you like
To suck
My breasts
Cup them
In your hands?
Is your body
On fire for me?
I would like to
Kiss your lips
Hold your hand
Suck your cock
Be on top of you
Be underneath of you
Lie beside you
Hear you whisper
My name
And look into
Your beautiful eyes
While you fuck me
My body is
On fire when
You are near me
Take my hand
Join me
In the center
Of the our fire
Burn with me
© 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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NOTE:   Linda Long Writes has a very dirty mind today and wrote this quick little poem with Mr. Blue Eyes in mind;-)

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