Cross The Line – Love, Sex & Poetry


Cross The Line – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long
Cross the line
And walk
The edges of my body
Linger in my
Personal space
Take your time
Getting to know
My curves
Breathe me in
And get to know my scent
The scent of desire
Made when you are near
Take a bite
Of the forbidden fruit
Have me
In our secret flirtation
Just between us
Take me
I can feel
The heat of your body
Close to mine
In my thoughts
Your body
Finally close to mine
Every day
My desire
For you grows
Deeper and stronger
With the passage of time
Knowing I’ll explode
In multiple orgasms
As you possess my body and
Give me what I desire
Ravish my body
I desire you
Walk through
My door
And cross the line
Into my vagina
Cross the line
And rest
Between my breasts
Cross the line
Lay your body
Against mine
As I spread my legs
Wider for you
And beg you to
Cross the line
And enter my vagina
I will explode
In Multiple orgasms
As I lay in bed tonight
I will visualize you
As my fingers
Find my passion for you
I will think of you
As my body releases
In an orgasm
That speaks your name
And invites you
To cross the line
Bite the fruit
Enter my vagina
Make me explode
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