Strength Finder 2.0 Results


Last week one of  my Managers gave me a copy and a code to take the Strength Finder Test.  After focusing on moving and organizing my new home for the last four days, I decided to take a break and take the test today.  My results were:

1.     Strategic

2.     Futuristic

3.     Ideation

4.    Intellection

5.    Relator

None of my results surprised me. I would have taken bets that Strategic and Futuristic would be in my top five.  I’ve always had a way of placing myself in the right place at the right time.  People always said I was lucky or that I benefited from coincidences. But, neither are true.  Oprah once said, “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.”  I’ve always prepared myself to take advantage of opportunities when they presented themselves to me.  That is not coincidence. That is strategy. I also set Intentions for my life and I am a planner by nature.  Therefore, I am usually looking towards the future and making plans.  I like to flesh out ideas. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t but I like the process of thinking about them. Intellection fits me as  I’ve always enjoyed philosophical discussion and I am driven to learn and grow.  Lastly, the Relator.  I am a bit standoffish with people at first.  I am more comfortable having a few deep relationships than having many surface relationships.  In the workplace, I tend to interact with a few coworkers I am very comfortable with and otherwise keep to myself. And, I do have excellent people skills:-)

I guess nothing on the quiz surprised me because I know myself pretty well.  But, I am looking forward to sharing these results with the Manager who gave it to me to take.  Maybe they can start taking advantage of some of my natural skills.  🙂