For you, I beg – Love, Sex & Poetry


For you, I beg – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

I blush
As the sound
Of your voice
Raises sensations
Between my legs
As if your tongue
Was gliding
Across my soft
Wet center
An inviting
For you to enter
Won’t you please
Enter me
Enter me
So I can feel
Every inch of you
Inside of me
I’ve wait so long
I’ve been waiting
To feel you
Deep inside of me
We are entwined
I’ll whisper
My desires
Into your ear
As I push
You deeper
And deeper
Into my soul
To the place
Where you belong
You know you belong
Shall I beg
For the comfort
Of your hand
Should I offer myself
To you a prize
Perhaps I should
Spread my legs
As you walk by
By so you can see
What is waiting for you
Join me
In the space
That is just ours
Enter me
Would you please
Enter me
For you, I beg
Enter me
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NOTE:  Ahhhh, finally. A  good saucy poem.  I’ve been so preoccupied with moving that I couldn’t get my mojo going to write a sex poem.  But, once again – Mr. Blue Eyes gave me spark.  I didn’t even talk to him today. But, he looked cute and his voice turned me on.  Actually, his presences always seems to stimulate me.  🙂  Well, I am happy to be back to writing lusty poetry. Everything on the home front is settling down and I am getting used to my new lifestyle.  But, I still think Mr. Blue Eyes should pay me a visit and do as the poem suggests…. 🙂  Just my thoughts of the day 

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