I Will Sustain You – Love, Sex & Poetry


I Will Sustain You – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long
Relax into
My control
Let me
Take care of you
Rest into my hands
Your pleasure
Is my desire
Your only responsibility
With me
Is participation
Actively participate
With me
Talk to me
Nibble on me
Snack on me
Give me a spanking
While I whisper
Lustful desires
In your ear
I’ll hold the gaze
Of your pretty blue eyes
In my deep browns
You’ll see my orgasms
Glisten in my eyes
Glistening with lust
Shining with desire
For you
For us
Let go
Let go with me
I’ll find the place
On your body
That makes
Your toes curl
I’ll suck you
Your mind bursts and
Finally lets you rest
Let me
Help you slow down
Let me
Take care of you
I want to
Nurture your life force
In the rejuvenating
Waters between my legs
I want to
Saturate your mind
Deep in my warm waters
Just be with me
Just be
With me
In this space
Quiet your mind
Connect with me
Tap into me
I will sustain you
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NOTE: One of the commitments I made to myself when I moved into my new home is that I would write each night.  I am trying to build up some momentum. I have a few book ideas and I need to write to start fleshing them out.  Poetry comes naturally to me.  I truly enjoy writing erotic poetry. It’s a passion I guess. I digressed tonight from brainstorming my book ideas and wrote an erotic poem. 

Most of the day I kept feeling a calling,  almost an intuition, that my Secret Flirtation needed to hear some supportive words.   Maybe my senses have been on overdrive lately. I could be completely off target. It was just strange that I wanted  to tell him I am a  friend. I can be trusted. I truly care.  Jeez,  I even felt the urge to hug him – just out of the blue. Just hug him.  Not even sure why I felt that way.  It’s a little unsettling to get vibes that strong sometimes.  Well, I suppose those feeling about him is what drove this poem into creation.  I hope one day we can enjoy spaces in time when we are just a man and woman without worrying about  titles, restrictions or responsibilities.  For now, I’ll write poetry and think good powerful thoughts for him as well as for myself.

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