Seduce My Mind – Love, Sex & Poetry


Seduce My Mind – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long
Fuck my mind
Enter the place
Deep inside
Where I think
My most vivid thoughts
See the sparks fire
In my brain
When you are near
Watch my eyes
Shine like prisms
When you connect
With my intellect
As no other man
Has been able to do
Touch my mind
Travel through
The maze of my mind
And see me
As no man
Has ever seen me
Get to know
What makes me tick
Fuck my mind
Penetrate my brain
And stay a while
Visualize the future
With me
See the world
Through my eyes
Experience life
Through my skin
Oh please
Seduce me
My body
By challenging
My mind
Turn me on
My mind
Is open wide
For you
Fuck me
Fuck my mind
Before you
Ever touch my body
Fuck my mind
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Smart, driven, confident men turn me on mentally and physically. I think that’s why I am so attracted to Mr. Blue Eyes. I feel like he fucks my mind by sparking me to create. He is good for me:-)

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(C) 2014 Linda Long Writes
All Rights Reserved