Sensual Transcendence – Love, Sex & Poetry


Sensual Transcendence – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

My mind
Has been a lusty
Full of images
Of you
With me
As if you are
Connecting with me
And sharing your
Fantasies with me
I feel you so vividly
And see you
With such clarity
As if I am
Looking into your
Beautiful eyes
And feeling your
Hot skin pressed
Against my own
Living these moments
With you near me
And looking forward
To your mouth
Gently yet firmly
Wrapped around
My nipple
Stay here
In this secret space
You and me
Rest here for
While with me
I like the way
Your energy
Feels around me
Beautifully entwine
Your thoughts
Around mine
Until the day
When we are as one
In our reality
For now
Connect with me
Let’s transcend
The barriers of our physical dimension
And use the power
Of our minds
To feel each other’s bodies
Touch me
Through your thoughts
Undress me
In your mind
I will sense
Your presence and
Acquiesce to your command
I will feel your energy
And respond in kind
I am here for you
Rest easy with me
In your thoughts
Share your secret fantasy
I am here for you
In our secret space
of Sensual Transcendence
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