Powerful Connection – Love, Sex & Poetry


Powerful Connection – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long
In the flash of your eye
I am naked
Before you
Ready for
You to command
My body with your hands
Dominate me
With your sexuality
Possess me
As a man
Who lusts for a woman
I acquiesce
Into willing submission
To your alpha energy
I drink
From the cup
Of your presence
And source my
Own soul’s creativity
Your eyes
I drink
With holy reverence
Like wine from
A challis in Mass
I drink you
For the rush
Of sensuality
When your energy
Is near mine
Attraction to you
My body drinks
You in
As I soak up
Your desires
Through my
Cleavage down
To my belly
And into the
Warm depths
Between my legs
An oasis waits
For you
Wet and ready
For you
My mind understands
The language of your body
A language only
Spoken between
You and me
Your lips to mine
Your mind burns
A fire deep into
My soul
A blazing sexual fire
Blazing for you
Waiting for
The right moment
In time
When we are
Connected as one
In this

(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Wow. This poem came out of me like a rocket. It flowed out in five minutes. It started with a little afternoon fantasy about Mr.Blue Eyes. Enjoying the lusty fantasy I grabbed my pen and paper and started writing. I will give him proper thanks for the inspiration at the appropriate place and time.

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  1. A tantalising expression of a gamut of emotions that release tenuous tendrils of cascading neurons that create an exquisite ache of blooming desire and truthful lust


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