Truthful Lust – Love, Sex & Poetry

Truthful Lust – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Truthful lust
By admission
Call it
For what is
An honest
I am not ashamed
To state it openly
I am not embarrassed
To say it honestly
With the voice of a
Woman who is
I am proud
To own my
I am happy
To write
My words sensually
For the hopes
Of touching a man’s soul
And igniting
The passions within
His body
I am not embarrassed
To proclaim
His strong masculine energy
And life force
Swirls around
My breasts
And lightly brushes
Between my legs
As a tease
Stirring my senses
Firing up my
Desires from
Deep within
My vagina
I feel him near me
Pulling my thoughts
Back from the
Edge of space
That separates us
Knowing I would burst
In an orgasm
With his slightest touch
I am not ashamed
To proclaim
Truthful lust
A man whose
Voice raises my nipples
And wets my vagina
I am not embarrassed
To own
What I feel
And state it honestly
Using my desire for him
To spark my craft
Pull these words
From deep within
My being
I am a woman
He is a man
Like a magnet
He draws me into
The depths of our
Sexual attraction
Why should I pretend
To be shy
About my desires
For him
He can sense it
He knows it
I openly
Own it
I own my lust
For him truthfully
I lust for
The man
With soft blue
Soulful eyes
I do it
© 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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Feeling very much the influence of my lifelong inspiration, Anais Nin, in this offering. It could easily be an essay rather than a poem. Why shy away from what I know to be true? Why not be confident enough to own my sensuality? I wear it on my sleeve and I use it to fire up my creativity.

As a writer, I am most comfortable writing two different styles. I enjoy writing essays about personal growth issues. Actually, I would like to write a book on personal growth one day. I am currently kicking around ideas on this topic. But, I am passionate about writing erotically and/or sensually. As the fire in my belly returned to an inferno lately, I’ve embraced all aspects of my true self. I am learning that my erotic writings are becoming more powerful as I write in my authentic voice.

As I embraced all aspects of my being, my writing style has become more intense and more sensual. I suppose I am growing up as a writer and that has been the point of writing this blog. I started this blog to refine my style, experiment with tone and get some seasoning in my preferred genre. I am getting writing chops so to speak.

The truth is my reclamation of my personal power in the last two years is really the fuel behind my writings. The nice thing about the woman I am today is I am a work in progress. I am continually stretching, growing and learning things about myself and using what I learn to create.

I use my connection with my Secret Flirtation to spark my craft. I consider having a “muse” a true gift for which I am grateful. His influence and energy near me has been very good for me. No other way to say it – good for me. I am not ashamed to admit I desire him. I am not too shy to look into his eyes so he knows I want him to touch me. But the best part of it is I want him. I desire him. I lust for him. I respect him. And, I feel good when he is near. But, I don’t need him. I am marvelously self-sufficient in this life and I can take care of own orgasms. However, I prefer to share them with him when the timing for us is right. Timing is very important in life. Hasty actions are usually imprudent. I would rather wait for the time to be right.

The point of this download from my brain is that I embrace my sensual being honestly. I am woman enough to admit I lust for a man truthfully and I want him sexually.

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