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The Daily Post’s challenge was to show HOME in Photos or Blog Content.  I am posting a picture of my Living Room.  I moved into a Condo in a highrise with an Oceanview just about three weeks ago.  Many don’t know that the only things I took with me when I moved were clothes, personal belongings and my bedroom set(50 years cherry wood handed down from my Godmom).  Otherwise, I decided to buy everything new for a new beginning.

I made the decision that I needed a fresh start and needed to move about four months ago. I’ve been planning and strategizing the move every since.  I knew I wanted a RED sofa with dark wood furniture.  Four months ago I started visualizing how I wanted my living room to look.  My brand new RED sofa was delivered recently. The sofa didn’t fit in my building’s evelator.  The building I live in an old Hotel from the 50’s.  Small elevators with low ceilings.  When the delivery guys told me I just about cried.  But, I kept my faith and thought positive.  They then offered to see if they could carry up the SEVEN flights of stairs.  I agreed. I watched as the tried to get in the first floor and when it fit, I nearly jumped out of my skin with joy.  15 minutes later my RED sofa was in my living room. They carried the sofa up SEVEN flights of stairs for me and made my vision come true.  Believe me I tipped them well – their lunch and dinner were on me:-)

As you will see in the picture, the basics are in place. I still need artwork, accessories, an area rug and a lamp. But, the basics are there.  You will also see that although I live at the beach, my style is contemporary/Cityish rather than seashoreish.  As I looked at my living room last night visualizing the next phase of my decorating project, I realized my living room look exactly how I envisioned it four months ago.  Everything right down to the cream color throw on the side of the sofa is how I saw it in my visions.

My little nugget of wisdom in this post is to use visualization techniques to help you create the life of your dreams.  See your destiny. Live your best life in my mind before you ever see in reality.

I am grateful today for my condo by the beach and for the delivery guys who walked my RED sofa up SEVEN flights of stairs.

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