I AM LOVE – That’s The Truest Thing I know About Love

Raising esctasy

For Valentine’s Day, Oriah Mountain Dreamer, the author of one of my most favorite poems, The Invitation, http://www.oriahmountaindreamer.com/ posted a thought provoking question for the day. The question was,

What is the truest thing you know about love? What has life taught you about love?

Love is an easy topic for me to write about. I’ve always been very loving and affectionate. Actually, sometimes, I can be too loving and affectionate. At times, over the years, life wounded me and hurt my heart. Life conditioned me to hold back love. Life conditioned me to believe love was to be an even exchange.  I say “I love you” and you say it back or it doesn’t count. It’s only been in recent years I learned the fallacy in my thinking. By making love quid pro quo we dilute it into a transaction rather than a life affirming force to be reckoned.

The truest things I know about love are:
Love is free. It should be given and accepted freely without attachments, costs or strings.
Love is nurturing. When you love unconditionally, without reservation and inhibitions, we empower.
Love is uplifting. When we show love, we uplift those we love spiritually and give them wings to fly.
Love is generous. Love gives willingly. It doesn’t hold back and isn’t stingy.
Love is limitless. We as humans are conditioned to put limits and conditions on it. Break the habit. Set it free.
Love is pure. There is nothing more real than saying “I love you” to someone.
Love is honest. Love lives in truth and honest. It doesn’t thrive in lies.
Love is a living entity. You must nurture it, feed it, water it and believe in it for it to grow.
Love dies in the shade. Set it free. Don’t smother those you love. Love them freely.
Love is exponential. It grows exponentially when we heal the broken parts of our hearts and let love in.
Love is the great commodity in the world. We all own and trade love. Its value soars when we set it free.
Love is fearless. Love often commands us to change and try new things.
Love is unpredictable. Sometimes it knocks you over the head when you never saw it coming.
Love is best when it is shared and not horded.

Ever since I was young, when I would say to my older sister, Terri, “I love you”, she would always reply, “I love you MORE!”  Years ago I always laughed because I thought there’s Terri trying to one up me again. lol 🙂  But, actually in recent years I realized that is how she felt because her heart was open.  And, now that my heart is open I can love more.

This Valentine’s Day I open my heart and let my love radiate out to world. I don’t care if I wear my heart on my sleeve and get hurt. At least I am honest and living my truth.

Today and all days, I AM LOVE and that is the truest thing I know about love today.