Nothing Innocent – Love, Sex & Poetry


Nothing Innocent
By: Linda A. Long

There is nothing
Innocent about
My intentions for you
I want you
With the
Passion and desire
Of a younger woman
Yet with the
Wisdom and maturity
Of my age
My body doesn’t
Know of our
Official relationship
It only knows
Of the rush
It feels when
You are near
My body doesn’t care
Of your entanglements
It only knows
It wants the softness
Of your lips
Between my legs
My body is aware
When you are near
It feels your presence
And when you are gone
It misses the comfort
Of your closeness
Near or far
My body knows you
And responds to your voice
Often sounding in the distance
It feels the air swirl
As you pass
And rises with desire
When our eyes meet
There is nothing innocent
About my intentions
For you
Erotic is my word for you
My body lays down
In erotic submission
To you
With hopes
You will part my legs
And feel the wetness
Made when you
Are near
With heightened desire
It is my hand
That will satisfy my desire
This morning
But it is you
I will be
Thinking of
In these early morning hours
I will be thinking of you
Sex and lust
It is you inside of
Of me this morning
I will be envisioning
With every stroke
It is you I will
Be desiring
There is nothing
Innocent about my
Lust for you
Nothing innocent
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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Note: Sparked by a secret flirtation:-)

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