Deserving – Love, Sex & Poetry


Deserving – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

You deserve
My best
And my best
Is what
I intend
To give you
No worries
I will look out
For you
Take some comfort
In my words
Know there is
Genuine affection
In this writing
My breasts are full
With anticipation
Of your caress
My hips are
Loose and
Ready for you
To lay between them
Energize yourself
With me
Let me take care of you
The way
You deserve to be
Taken care of
Let me wrap my
Body around yours
And ease your mind
Let my bed
Be your place
To land softly
Onto my body
Breathe deeply
Inhale peace
From the
Tips of my nipples
Suck from the
Nourishing waters
Between my legs
And let go
With me
Let go in me
I will take care of you
I will take
care of every part
Of you
You are deserving
Of my goodness
In your crystal eyes
I see a kindred heart
Come to me
Let me
Take care of you
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