Meet Me In My Dreams – Love, Sex & Poetry


Meet Me In My Dreams – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Can you feel the heat
Of my hand
As it slides down
Your back
It’s an invitation
To meet me
In a fantasy
Join me
In the universe
Between you and me
Come meet me
In this secret space
That’s just ours
No one knows
The secret I share
With you
You are my only
It’s is only you
That I share
My lusty desires
And genuine affection
It is in you
I know a kindred spirit
That raises
My own soul’s vibration
Lying back
On my soft sheets
Your energy
Melts into mine
Raising my awareness
To the yearning
Between my legs
And increased
Electricity I feel
Surrounding my body
Your thoughts
Meeting mine
In the middle
Of this fantasy
You share my desires
We are as one
If only
In our minds
Stay with me tonight
It is you
I need close
To my heart
Listen to my
One beat at a time
It spells your name
In our secret language
Make love to me
Slowly tonight
Don’t leave me
In the morning
Stay in this fantasy
At least until daybreak
Let’s be together
In our thoughts
Until the day
We cross from
Fantasy to reality
Until the night
You rest peacefully
Between my breasts
After dominating my body
With your desires
Let’s share this space
Between us
In another dimension
Where I feel the heat
Of your skin press against mine
Until one day
You wake in my arms
To start a new day
Making love to me before sunrise
It will be the beginning
Of a new day
A new day
For you and me
Have faith
As I whisper softly
In your ear and
Say goodnight
Meet me
In my dream
I’ll be waiting
For you
Meet me
In my dream
I need you
I need you
I need you
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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Note: I was feeling a strong secret flirtation vibe tonight and that sparked this poem.

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