You Will Know – Love, Sex & Poetry


You Will Know
By: Linda A. Long

I would like to
Tell you
My deepest
My most
Private fantasies
I want you
To know
I want to
Share with you
The rises
And falls of
My breasts
As air fills
My lungs
When you are near
I hide my
True feelings
I want you
To know
I want
To whisper
Softly in
Your ear
Words of lust
Tell you a story
My legs
That spread
Slightly apart
When you
Are in the room
I want to
Spin you
An erotic tale
As I kneel
Before you
In grateful submission
To wrap
My mouth
Around you
As you
Pause to watch
Me suck you
I hide how I feel
But I want
You to know
I would like to
Lie back
In front
Of you
As you work
Rest my legs
On your shoulders
Offering myself
To your pleasure
I want to
Give myself
To you
I want you to know
To know
My passion
I want to
Beg for
Your lips to
Kiss me
Before you
Give into
And enter me
I would like to
Lay on top
Of you
And press
My body
Tight against yours
As I make love
To you
I would like
To share my
Deepest thoughts
With you
In a glance
Of your eye
I feel your energy
I know
You want me
I want you
Every part of me
Wants you
Even though
I pass by
I want you to know
I desire you
All of you
Even though
I don’t engage
When we are
I will
Share my desires
You will know
In my arms
You will
Know passion
I want you
To know
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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Note: I was thinking today about how much I would like to tell my Secret Flirtation…

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One thought on “You Will Know – Love, Sex & Poetry

  1. Linda,
    One is in a gobsmacked state at the utter honesty and purity of intent to display your innermost thoughts.
    Truly memorable
    Thank you for having the courage to share


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