Touch Me – Love, Sex & Poetry


Touch Me – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

Press me
Against the wall
Share a moment
With me
Let’s not wait
Look into
My eyes now
Share a moment
With me
See the
Pout of my lips
Inviting you
To kiss them
Feel my
Heart beat
As you stand close
In a lustful rhythm
Slowly unbutton
The top of
My sweater
Make me breathless
With anticipation
Of your touch
Waiting for you
To dive into
My cleavage
My breasts
Don’t be gentle
Grab me
With passion
Grab me
With the passion
I see in your eyes
I love this game
We play
You turn me on
Before we
Let go
Kiss my lips
I want to taste you
Until the next
Time we meet
In secret
And share
A lusty moment
I will
Write for you
My fantasies
The words of
My desires
The longing
For you
I keep private
It’s just ours
Touch me
If only in passing
Hear me
Catch my breath
As the moisture
Between my legs
Craves your fingers
Steal a moment
With me
And touch me
The way
I’ll touch myself
Thinking about
You tonight
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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Note: Nothing but sex and a secret flirtation on my mind tonight:-)

Photo Credit
Erotic sculpture in Jeju Loveland Erotic Park, South Korea

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