Loving Presence – Love, Sex & Poetry

Duong_Quoc_Dinh_Tutt'Art@_(67)Loving Presence – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

What’s your pleasure
Tell me your fantasy
Speak your desire
Put your trust
Into my hands
I won’t
Let you down
My lips
Will be sealed
With your kiss
I feel pressure in the air
A feeling of pressure
Sitting heavy
On the chest
The weight of
Life’s decisions
I write to
Offer support
Find a haven
In my eyes
Look deep and
See my desire
Feel peace
In my voice
Close your eyes
And know
I am here
To offer support
And give you
What you need
Know when I am near
You are
Believe those
Words to be true
And when the time
Is right
Take your
Respite in my arms
And revitalize
Yourself between
My legs
I promise
To always be
A friend first
A lover second
An independent
I promise
To always
Help you navigate
The challenges of life
So you can
Be better
And achieve
Your wildest ambitions
I am a nurturer
Let me nourish you
You don’t have
To do it alone
I am here for you
When you are
Ready to talk to me
I am here
To be
Your friend first
your lover second
And a loving presence
In your life
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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NOTE: Sometimes I honestly do not know where what I write comes from. Words just flow out of me. Not sure why. But, I felt like this is what needed to be said.  Words of genuine caring and affection were needed to be said rather than words of lust and sex.   Genuine caring and affection…

Photo Credit:
Duong Quoc Dinh, 1967 ~ Body painting

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