A Kiss Until Later


A Kiss Until Later
By: Linda A. Long

Thoughts of pressing
My breasts against
Your chest leave me breathless
With desire
My body
Is in tune to
Your desires
And responds in kind
With hardened nipples
And wetness
Between my legs
Only For you
My desire
Is yours
Only yours
At a distance now
Fantasize about me
Think of how
You want me
I’ll See it
In my mind
Hold my hands
Kiss my lips
Press me
Against the wall
And taste me
Fuck me
The way you long to
I am here for you
In our place
Where your thoughts
Reach my body
Spark my words of desire
Inspire me to write
For you
I write for you
At a distance
I feel you powerfully
Connecting with me
Strongest connection
I’ve ever felt
To a man
You come to me
And hold my hand
Smiling at me
I close my eyes
And feel your energy
Move through my body
You tell me
You are with me
You are here
You ask me to
Write for you
Write for you
I hear you
My body awoke restless
As if you
Had me in the
Most passionate ways
In my dream state
In the middle of the afternoon
You had me again
Leaving me
With a kiss
Until later
My body
Full of lust
Waiting desire
For you
Come back
To my dreams
Touch me again
Think of me
I’ll sense you
Wherever you are
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved
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I was feeling a bit blocked and just didn’t feel like writing poetry. I got a spark earlier in the day from Mr. Blue a Eyes but nothing was flowing. I was really nauseous and exhausted today. I left work right after lunch as food didn’t make me feel very good. I fell into a deep sleep on the sofa. 💤

Around 300pm I woke up after having a dream that felt so real I couldn’t believe it was a dream. In my dream, I was standing on a platform waiting when Mr. Blue Eyes walked up the steps to the platform and took my hand in his and smiled. He said, “I’m here. talk to me, write for me.” I moved my body slightly because I didn’t want anyone to see us holding hands. I closed my eyes, pressed his hand to my heart so he could feel my heartbeat and I could feel his energy in my heart. He grabbed my hand tighter. I felt him intensely. Then I woke up in my living room on the sofa at 300pm in the afternoon looking around. Intense👍 Worth taking the afternoon off sick just to have that dream😊

I believe you can’t have dreams that vivid about someone unless they are thinking of you too. The dream inspired me to write this poem and broke my writer’s block😊💋

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  1. powerful dream on that nice coach, right under your pet’s watchful gaze. the atmosphere was certainly right. wonderful outcome. 😉


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