Intuition – Love, Sex & Poetry

Intuition – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

I wish
I could explain
I wish
I could
Put into words
Words wouldn’t
Make sense
It’s deeper
Than the surface
It can’t be explained
It’s felt
It’s not seen
Nor touched
It’s sensed within
My soul
It’s a knowing
It’s a feeling
It’s a vibration
I am still cautious
What if I am wrong?
What if my instincts are off?
What if I am reading
Into something
That isn’t there?
Hard to know
What to think
Without confirmation
There is a feeling
A feeling within
My soul
That we are
That you hear me
And know
How I feel about you
It’s a knowing
A feeling
A hope
That my words
Reach you
And fill your heart
With hope and desire
Affection and restless desire
Through the Universe
On your soul
I have no confirmation
Of receipt
Only an intuition
An inner voice
That says you
Are connected to me
So I write for you
We are in
That moment in time
When everything falls away
And it’s just us
Together alone
I will write for you
It’s a knowing
A feeling
An intuition
A hope
That we are connected
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As I stated before, I don’t always know where my poetry comes from. This poem is another example of words just flowing out of me easily and effortlessly. I don’t plan it out. I don’t think very hard about what I write. The process for me is more instinctual than intellectual. It’s more organic in nature. It just happens. I write in the moment based on feelings, intuitions, senses and energies that I feel. A friend called my poetry “channelings” – meaning that I am channeling spiritual energy into words. I liked that explanation. It makes sense to me because that is how I feel sometimes when I write. I feel like something is moving through me, like someone needs my words and my intution answers their call.

Here’s a true story about intution that happened to me about two weeks ago.

A couple of Fridays ago, I was really stressed out. I promised a friend I would attend a seminar about living with Cancer with her on Saturday morning. From the moment I woke up Friday morning, I had a strong sense that going on Saturday to that seminar would not be emotionally good for me. I was feeling sensitive, meaning I was feeling very open to energies,  and I felt the highly charged anxious energy that would be in the room on Saturday would not be good for me on this particiular day.

I hesitated telling my friend that I wasn’t up for going with her. I wanted to be her support and didn’t want to disappoint her as many others have.  I was going to go anyway. I was planning to meditate and light some sage the night before in preparation.

As the day went on, my anxiety grew. I kept thinking. “I need to tell her how I feel. I need to just say it. She knows how supportive I’ve been. I need to be honest with her about how I feel. She knows I am sensitive to energies. I just feel like tomorrow won’t be good for me.” I decided I would call her after work and explain how I felt. But, throughout the afternoon I was thinking about what I needed to say to her and how to say it without disappointing her. I was just trying to take care of myself. Well, she beat me to the punch. Around 3:00pm that day, she sent me a text message that said in essence, “I was thinking if you are not up to going to the seminar tomorrow, it’s ok. We can just meet for dinner afterwards. I’ll be ok by myself.”  

My eyes welled up with tears when I read the text. I couldn’t believe what I reading. She got the message I was trying to send – telepathically – she got it! Over a Sushi Dinner the next night we talked at length about it. She said she just kept getting a sense from me that I wasn’t up to it for some reason.   Once I explained why I wasn’t up for it,  she understood.  She knows my abilities and knows when I feel extremely sensitive(open to energies) that I need to protect myself.  The funny part was – I said to her, “I’ve been working on sending people telepathic messages – testing it more or less.”  She said,  “You are doing a good job. It worked! I got it. Loud and and clear. I got it!”   This was a confirmation to both of us of the strength of our connection and of the power of the bond that we have.

Embracing and nurturing my intutive nature changed my life. I make better decisions. I am more in tuned with those I love. I am relaxed about life. My focus is actually sharper because I’ve learned to shut off the noise around me and only hear what I need to hear. Everyone has intuition. It’s just a matter of learning to trust your instincts. As you learn to trust your instincts, your intuition becomes stronger. I encourage everyone in my life to tap into this ability. Embrace it. Develop it. Nurture it!

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