Warmth Of My Body – Love, Sex & Poetry


Warmth Of My Body – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

I like
When he’s near
Even if we don’t
Talk to each
I just like
When he’s near
The energy
In the air
Is different and
My body reacts
As he moves by
His energy
Brushes against mine
And I know
It’s him
I like
The way it feels
When he is near
Images of him
Flash in my mind
They pass the day
My body churns with
Restless energies
Giving rise to
I saw myself
Stopping him
As he passed by
And gently running
My hand down his back
I wanted him
To feel the warmth
Of my touch
I wanted to reach out
And take
His hand and rest it
In my cleavage
I wanted him
To feel the warmth
Of my body
I heard myself
Whisper in his ear
“Touch me
I want you”
I wanted him
To know
He is wanted and desired
I envisioned
Laying back
On the table
While he
Felt my body
For the first time
I felt the warmth
Of his cute ass in
My hands
As I pushed him
Deeper into me
I wanted to feel
The warmth of his body
Inside of me
I want him to
Brush up against me and
Fan the flames
Of our passion
That lives and breathes
Every time we are
Near each other
Leaving me
Restless with desire
It is his face
I will see as
My hand
Moves down
Between my legs
I take pause
And reach for
The battery operated fun
In the nightstand
It’s always ready
To satisfy the need
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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Note: I walked behind my secret flirtation today and took notice of his cute little ass😉 it sparked dirty poem 👍😉😊

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