Sensual Conspiracy – Love, Sex & Poetry


Sensual Conspiracy – Love, Sex & Poetry
By: Linda A. Long

A flash
An intense flash
Brought you
To the front of my mind
I paused
And welcomed you
To my experience
I was uplifted by
Your energy
Traveling to me
Almost seeking
Me for comfort
And needing a little peace
I drifted in and out
Of the conversations around me
But you still remained
I would rather feel you
Than talk to them
I returned to the
Reality before me yet
Still felt you in my experience
I may have smiled
For a moment
When you flashed
Onto the screen of my mind
I allowed myself
To close my eyes
Breathe deep and
Give you
The reassurance you needed
Yes, I am here
Rooting myself in intuition
And instinctual notions
I opened my heart wide
For you to see me relax
Into the erratic rhythm that is only mine
But I open for you to see
You found me In your
Mind’s eye waiting for you
Sensing you needed me
I allowed my mind
To be the place
You refresh yourself
Trusting in what can’t
Be seen with an eye
Believing what can’t
Be touch with our hands
But trusting
In the connection we share
A connection that
Grows with time
Crossing dimensions
As spiritual as it is sexual
Stirring my body
Igniting my mind
Yet bringing a feeling of peace
That only comes with
The trust
There is safety
Between us
As your soul
Finds mine through
The distance
I ground myself
To offer calm relaxed energy to you
My spirit wants to
Be your soft place to land
I feel you need
A haven
A place of compassion and peace
Let me be the playground of your desires
As we move between
Our intuitive dialogs
And physical reality
I find myself
Increasingly more comfortable
In acknowledging
There is something remarkable
And rare happening between us
As the points of connection
Grow for us
I find it even more important
To keep our interactions private
To protect what is just ours
From the intrusion of others
And keep it separate from
Our other reality
While I don’t know
Where this journey will take us
I recognize my soul
As a willing conspirator to yours
In our ever growing connection
That blends spirit, intellect and sexual attraction.
It’s a sensual conspiracy
(C) 2014 Linda A. Long – All Rights Reserved

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I am having a Strong “Secret flirtation” vibe today👍😉💋😘

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H Momo Zhou, 1981 ~ Figurative painter

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